What are Couplings?    

Coupling is a mechanical device used to transmit power/torque from one shaft to another shaft.

Why do we need couplings?

Couplings are used when the shafts are in a straight line and are to be connected end to end to transmit power. At Jalaram Marketing, we have various couplings made with quality materials and advanced technology.


Material Flexing

They do not require Lubrication. They obtain their flexibility from stretching or compressing a resilient material, such as rubber, or from the flexing of thin metallic discs or grid.

Examples of material flexing couplings are jaw, sleeve, tire, disc, grid and diaphragm couplings. At Jalaram Marketing, we manufacture high quality Jaw couplings and Tyre couplings..

Jaw Couplings

It has two jaws that are inter meshed. An electro metric spider is placed between them, and the torque is transferred through the compression.

The material Nitrite rubber inserted is suitable for use in all conditions, unaffected by moisture, greases & oil to withstand.

Its application is more general and used for dampening of the torsion effectively.

Tyre coupling

This has a very high range capacity of torque and primarily functions to reduce the vibrations or the shock loads that are seen. Polyurethane and sometimes rubbers are used to make this coupling.

Mechanical Flexing : The mechanical flexing couplings accept misalignment from rocking, rolling or sliding of metal surfaces. All metal mechanical flexing couplings require lubrication.

At Jalaram Marketing, we manufacture high quality Gear couplings and Pin Bush couplings.

Gear Couplings

They are the longest lasting among all the ones included in the classification. It also transmits the highest amount of torque where amounts are concerned despite having a very small diameter.

Pin Bush Couplings

They are compact, easy to assemble and do not require lubrication.They transmit high torques through high tensile steel pins using fabric reinforced Rubber bushes.

Jalaram Marketing offers a full selection of couplings, designed for your specific speed, torque, and power needs. From high-heat high-humidity applications to corrosive and high-torque applications, our wide array of coupling solutions will keep you covered.


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