Inevitably, we all want our pieces of machinery to run smoothly and for that, lubricants play a vital role in the smooth functioning of any machinery. Industrial lubricants are basically defined as compounds like fluids, greases, and oils.

As we all know that Industrial types of machinery need lubrication from time-to-time, these Industrial lubricants are used to remove friction.

They are used in order to lessen the wear and tear of materials while reducing binding and friction. In some extreme cases, they may also prevent or lessen electrical resistivity while it increases thermal conduction. Those products are ideal because they can prevent corrosion in both the inner and outer surfaces where they are applied.

For machinery to perform at their best, selecting the right Oil / Grease is crucial. Tailored to the requirement of industrial appliances, Jalaram Marketing has a high performing lubrication product called MotulTech.

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Motual tech is part of the motul group. This company is manufacturing high performance lubricants for more than 150 years MotulTech develops, blends and sells top tier industrial lubricants for metalworking and machinery lubrication.

MotulTech offers a very specific product range in demanding segments such as aeronautic/exotic alloys machining, aluminum die casting, high-temperature lubrication or lifetime lubrication. With its performance and technology background coming from the automotive competition, Motul offers a different approach to the industrial customers, with tailor-made solutions.  they always focus on customer requirement and interest.

MotulTech guarantees to its customers high quality and performance products, extensive sales and technical support (including lab services), a performing supply chain, and overall innovative and smart solutions in the industrial lubricants field.

MotulTech is present in many countries all over the world through its products and services as well as production and R&D. In India, Motul Tech develops and manufactures specific high-performance product ranges for the industry, in Metal Working, Industrial and their specialty is in Lubrication, aluminum Die casting. 

The different Lubricants / Oils Motul Tech offers are:

  • Gear Lubricant
  • Chain Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Food Contact Lubricant
  • Plastic Contact Grease
  • Electrical Contact Grease
  • High & Low Temperature Lubricant
  • Extreme Pressure Long-Life Grease
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Assemble Paste

The industrial lubricant market is fast-growing, and the demand for these products is increasing with time. With the pressure of production mounting and New technologies coming up with innovations, companies are looking out for high-grade lubricants to assist the seamless functioning of machines.


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